The IMH Blog is a forum to encourage dialog about issues related to mental health (broadly defined), integrated healthcare and general health/well-being. Our aim is to capture the variety of interest and expertise that is reflected in the Institute’s diverse membership body (e.g. the work of the CLAHRC).

We welcome posts on any mental health (broadly defined), integrated healthcare and health/well-being topic of your choice, including responses to previous posts, news and events/publications that you would like to promote. Posts should invite reflection, response and discussion. For further guidance and information please email a member of the IMH Blog Team.

This blog is affiliated with the Institute of Mental Health and is maintained by the IMH Blog Team.   The opinions expressed are those of the author only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute of Mental Health, the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, or the University of Nottingham.

IMH Blog Team

Dr Katherine Dyke: katherine.dyke@nottingham.ac.uk

Follow us on Twitter for updates on recent posts and events happening at the IMH: @IMH_Blog



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