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Directors commentary: 10 years of the IMH


House for a Gordian Knot, Ekkehard Altenburger

As the bunting is taken down, and the remaining sausage rolls are cleared away following our 10th Anniversary celebrations, it is an ideal time to take a moment to reflect on the achievements of the past 10 years, and look to the exciting future ahead of us.

We aim to be the leading centre in the UK for applied mental health research and education. Being a true partnership between the University of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust enables us to research and innovate in the best way possible to support service users and carers, as well as promoting innovation, evaluation and clinical excellence across NHS services.

Narrowing down the highlights from the last 10 years is a challenge but worth a mention is the launch of our first Centre of Excellence in 2011 – the start of a journey that reaches a new milestone in November 2016 with the launch of the latest of our seven Centres of Excellence. Another highlight was the opening of our new IMH building on Innovation Park in 2012, part of the Jubilee Campus at the University of Nottingham.

Our Centres of Excellence provide focus and strategic leadership around each Centres key themes. The network of researchers and clinical staff provides a conduit for common interest, greater depth of information sharing, knowledge pools and support under the umbrella of a coordinated frameworks. Masterclasses, education, exchanges and training form part of the core objectives of Centres to further support the IMH vision of excellence in research and education.

Looking forward to the 20th Anniversary my belief is that we will have been on an extraordinary journey during which we have delivered really useful research projects and training that have had a direct benefit for those living with mental health issues; Improving the identification and speedy implementation of treatment and support methods that help service users, and promoting good mental health and sustainable recovery in people across the world.

The Institute in numbers:

– 7 Centres of Excellence
– 9 Managed Innovation Networks (MINs)
– 33 full and associate professors
– Over 100 PhD students
– Over 350 external members
– Over 400 peer reviewed journal papers per year
– Nearly £11 million of new grants launching in 2016/17
– Over £28 million in active research grants

Our Seven Centres of Excellence:

  • CANDAL: Advancing the translation of research into practice for ADHD and neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan
  •  Health and Justice : Improving the understanding of and provision for mentally disordered offenders
  •  Social Futures : Transforming how service users, carers and professionals work together in a new community of understanding
  •  Translational Neuroimaging : Building on recent advances in neuroscience, diagnosis and treatment
  •  Dementia : Tackling one of the biggest health challenges facing the population
  •  Education : Providing accredited and non-accredited training in the form of one-off modules and courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in healthcare practice
  •  Mood Disorders : Launching soon

This blog post was written by Martin Orrell, who is the Director of the Institute of Mental Health at the University of Nottingham.


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