IMH annual research day: 9th May, 2017. Call for papers

The Institute of Mental Health (IMH) will be hosting its Annual Research Day to highlight the work of the Institute’s doctoral candidates, Managed Innovation Networks (MINs), and early-career researchers (including research assistants, research fellows, and research-active clinicians and service users).

There will be prizes for best oral presentation and best poster. The event is being promoted to all IMH members and we anticipate a good selection of speakers presenting and a good range of people in the audience — both local and national health researchers and practitioners plus IMH members. The event will be chaired by Professor Peter Bartlett and Dr Jenelle Clarke. There will also be plenary sessions from inspiring and established experts.

This Annual Research Day focuses intentionally on those at the beginning of their research careers, and represents a welcoming and career-developing forum for researchers (it is wonderful for the CV and excellent presentation practice in a friendly setting).

We expect the format to resemble that of a conference with 20 minute oral presentations per paper with 10 minutes for questions from the floor.

Please submit a title and 250 word abstract to:
Dr Jenelle Clarke (
By Monday 3rd April 2017



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