“Some thoughts on stigma” by Toby Williamson

This week’s IMH blog update is a re-post from: “Changing Minds, Changing Lives: Mental Health and Learning Disabilities in the UK” – this is the blog of the Mental Health Foundation and the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. The post’s author Toby is Head of Development and Later Life at the Mental Health Foundation. He leads on work in mental health in later life and dementia, as well as being involved with mental capacity. Toby’s post debates stigma, mental health, culture, language, and sport. The concepts of celebrity, gender, and the media are also tackled. You can access this blog via: http://www.changingmindschanginglives.com/2013/12/some-thoughts-on-stigma/


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One response to ““Some thoughts on stigma” by Toby Williamson

  1. Approaches to stigma are going to have to be far more thorough than the Time to change tinkering, if the same sectors are not going perpetually to be at the bottom of the pile. I evidence this observation with a further one that if care and treatment was in any way adequate on first onset, we would not have s life-time of struggle with conditions like schizophrenia – people with schizophrenia would be on terms with the nature of the beast, and with self-awareness comes more appropriate remedies and outcomes. Observe the Employment implications here: http://www.sane.org.uk/uploads/sane-employment-and-schizophrenia-roundtable-report-july-2013-.pdf

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