The IMH Research Day (Held May 13th): A Reflection

The IMH held a strongly supported inaugural Research Day this month – and such was its success that a follow-up event will be held next year. The event showcased and celebrated the work of IMH-related early-career researchers (including research assistants and research fellows), doctoral students and the IMH Managed Innovation Networks, attracting a maximum capacity of 70 delegates.

Poster and oral presentations were given by 30 individuals with three plenary sessions from Prof. Nick Manning, Mat Kinton, and Dr John Milton.

The two presentation prizes were awarded to Bethan Davies and Bridget Roe.

Dr Melanie Jordan and Prof. Peter Bartlett, who chaired the event, are pleased to report that the event was well received by delegates in their evaluation feedback: “Excellent way to catch up on latest research and network. Please run again. Wish I could have been in both parallel sessions” and “Very beneficial and useful. Excellent ‘holding environment’ for researchers. Motivated to continue my work”.

Jenelle Clarke’s reflection: “The IMH Research Day provided an excellent opportunity for researches to come together to share their work and gain valuable feedback on their research.  It was especially useful hearing innovative approaches to mental health and understanding the challenges currently facing the field.  The day also highlighted the diverse range of topics that IMH researchers are involved in.  Dr John Milton concluded the day by reminding us all that research should be beneficial and have a real impact within mental health, particularly to those working to deliver services.  To this end, assessing impact and increasing dissemination should be key considerations of research practice”.


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