Event ~ Inside Out of Mind, June 2013

Inside Out of Mind (as highlighted in the IMH Newsletter):

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An innovative project, which has brought together ethnographic researchers with theatre practitioners to tackle the challenge of dementia care, has led to the development of a play, soon to run at the Lakeside Arts Theatre.

The play, Inside Out of Mind, brilliantly illustrates the multiple realities of life on a dementia ward, and is a unique collaboration between Meeting Ground Theatre Company, Lakeside Arts Centre at the University of Nottingham, the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and the NHS.

The play, written by Tanya Myers, is based on extensive and rigorous participant observation in dementia wards by researchers Simon Bailey, Kezia Scales and Joanne Lloyd, and has taken three years to evolve into a theatre production from the original research. Inside Out of Mind shows the dementia ward from the perspective of the patients, staff and visitors, and aims to impact positively on the care of those with dementia, and to encourage empathy and intuitive listening.

Public performances of Inside Out of Mind will be held at the Lakeside Arts Centre on June 14, 15, 22, 28 and 29 at 7.30pm, with 2pm matinee performances on June 22 and 29. NHS performances and conference dates are scheduled for June 17-20 and 24-27 and are bookable through local contacts. To see the publicity flyer and a preview video, please visit the Institute website at http://www.institutemh.org.uk/x-news-and-events-x/general-news

Professor Justine Schneider, who led research on the project, said: “Tanya (Myers) has managed to create a remarkable and original piece of theatre with genuine echoes of our observations in every character and scene.”

Shona Powell, Director of Lakeside Arts Centre said: “Lakeside is delighted to be a key partner in the realisation of this exciting project. It’s the first time we’ve worked with colleagues in the Institute of Mental Health to platform the outcomes of academic research through theatre and we’re excited about the enormous potential this play has to reach new audiences and to make a real and lasting impact in the care sector”.

To book, please visit the Lakeside Arts Theatre website.


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