Debbie Butler, Patient and Public Involvement Coordinator

Please find below the third post from the IMH staff member Debbie Butler, Patient and Public Involvement Coordinator:

It seems a while since I wrote on the IMH blog; life hasn’t stopped though by any means. It has been quite an adventure these last few weeks with a lovely cruise around France and Spain, a mini stroke, and lots of family stuff; I feel I could go on forever.

However, working life at the NIHR Mental Health Research Network, here at the IMH, hasn’t stopped either. I am working hard with colleagues to establish a new Research Group in the North of Nottinghamshire at the Rosewood Involvement centre. Our first meeting is on the 22nd of October 2012. Although, working in the North of Notts. seems a million miles away for me, as I don’t drive and the only way I know how to get up there takes the longest time in the history of the world. (Not really, it just feels like a long travelling time). Nevertheless, it promises to be an exciting new research venture.

Let me see what else we have been doing here at the IMH MHRN. Well, we still hold our monthly patient and public Involvement group for those of you involved in research, as we are a group of service users and carers who wish to be further involved in the research process. We have many varied skills and are willing to help in any way we can. In addition, we look for individuals or teams to come and talk to the group about their research, as we can answer most questions regarding service user and carer involvement. Last week saw us completing registration of our group members with the Involvement department and this will aid us in our ability to participate in the ‘nitty-gritty’ finer aspects of research. Furthermore, the group met last week and discussed Industry-based research studies and also agreed to look at writing a bid to our co-ordinating centre to establish a checking system for research ethics of such Industry studies. Have yet to speak to them about how this will work, but at least it would be something to aim for.

Can I just ask if anyone would like to join our group please? Or would like to ask the group about a project they wish to undertake? If so, please contact me and we can arrange for you to attend one of our groups. I am currently looking at speakers for next year and would be happy to accommodate those of you who are interested in either attending as a group member of as an individual speaker. Thanks.

Take care for now, Debbie.


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